Catwatchful™ – Parental Control App for Android devices


Spy Application #1 in United States

Know more. Worry less. That’s the power of Catwatchful, the app that lets you find out what your kids are doing on their phone and on the internet. And they won’t even know you’re using it.

  • Social media monitoring

    Whatsapp, Facebbok, Instagram, Tiktok

  • Call recording

    Incoming and outgoing calls

  • GPS tracking

    GPS location and routes on real time

  • Record surrounding

    Record a Phone’s Surroundings Remotely

  • Invisible mode

    Absolute stealth and undetectable

Available for Android

Private control panel
All information is stored and protected safely. Only you have access.



Remotely activate the camera and take a secret picture to view the phone’s surroundings.


Remotely activate the microphone on their phone and hear what’s really going on. You can also record their phone’s surroundings at any time.


Know where your children are at all times and where they are going. Know all the history of locations and routes made on real time.


Access to all media files shared, received, downloaded or saved on the device.


Monitor different social media apps (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and more...). See all data even if was deleted


Take screenshots in real time and watch everything that happens on the device screen.


Automatic recording of every incoming and outgoing phone call from device.


All browser history and activity with timestamps and bookmarks. Ability to block certain sites

Other Features

Contacts, Calendar, Emails, Installed Applications, Wi-Fi networks and much more...

Get Started

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Download installer

Download and run installer file apk on the device you want monitor.


After installation, open CatWatchful and follow the steps provided by the app.

Start monitoring

Go to Catwatchful Control Panel from your favorite web browser and start monitoring!


Installation/activation of Catwatchful takes less than 5 minutes. Root is not required.

Works 100% on invisible mode. The App icon will not be displayed.

Free and multilingual support, available 24/7. We are available at any time.

Real-time features. Control the device live remotely. View gps locations, camera, microphone, screen, and more…

Constant data update. Information and data of target device are updated every 5 minutes approx.

All information is stored and protected securely. Only you will have access.


For access to all information collected with Catwatchful, you must login with your user account on any web browser or from Android client application.

From your private control panel you will be able to track the device in real time, with options that will allow you to easily take photos in secret, listen the environment, see live screen and much more. The control panel interface is designed for easy and intuitive handling.

CatWatchful collects all the activity of the intervened device. It doesn’t matter if your child performs deletions. All the information will be immediately available to you, and you will be able to view it directly in the control panel by accessing with your personal user account.


 View private chats conversations and group messages.
 See any image or video share on WhatsApp.
 Check WhatsApp contacts, along with the profile picture.
 Read all WhatsApp private data without root or jailbreak.
 Access all Instagram conversations and activity
 Keep track of followers and the people they follow.
 See all media files shared on Instagram.
 See all likes and comments made
See all Facebook conversations and activity.
 See all the photos and videos sent or received.
 Check Facebook profile of the people they chat with.
 See all the likes, comments and published images
 See all the messages they send or receive on Snapchat.
 Even if they delete a chat or message, you can still see it.
 See Snapchat contacts and the groups they interact with.
 Look every image and video they share on Snapchat.


What is Catwatchful?

Catwatchful is the leading parental monitoring software that allows you to view the activities of your child’s device though the mSpy™ account on your personal smartphone or computer. These activities include text messages, locations, call information, and many others.

How does Catwatchful work?

Catwatchful gathers the information (location, text messages, call info, etc.) from your child’s phone, and transfers it to your Catwatchful account. In order to check the information from the device you are monitoring, you just need to log into your Catwatchful account using any browser on your own smartphone or computer.

How can I see the information collected by Catwatchful?
You will be able to access all the information from your personal user account, which you must create when installing the application. From your personal account you will be able to access a Control Panel where you can view everything recorded by CatWatchful and manipulate the device in real time. The Control Panel is available in two alternative forms:
  1. Web Client: which you can access from any browser.
  2. Android Client: which you must install on your own device, and with it you will have direct access to the Control Panel. This application has additional benefits, since you can receive notifications, alerts, and more.
All information collected by CatWatchful is securely stored on our servers, so that you can access it from your user account.

If you want to monitor a cell phone, the first thing you have to do is read the laws of your country on the subject. Laws vary from country to country and what is legal in one country may not be legal in another.

However, it is considered legal to monitor your children while they are minors, and that is a right that no one can take away from you as a parent. On the other hand, it is also legal to monitor the cell phone of someone who has given their consent, so if you have a company and your employees sign an agreement to be monitored during business hours, that is perfectly legal. If your partner agrees to be monitored, you can also do so without legal repercussions, as long as it is mutually agreed upon.

Catwatchful is safe?

Security and privacy have been the focus of our company for more than 10 years. When we started Catwatchful back in 2010, we did it with the goal of providing our users with a secure platform through which they could monitor cell phones without worry. We have stood firm in the market thanks to our policies and the technology we use to provide the highest level of security and encryption to all processed information. The monitoring is completely hermetic and only you can see the information extracted from the monitored cell phone.

Can I monitor another cell phone without installing the app?

NO, you need to manually install Catwatchful on the device you want to monitor. You must physically access the device and install/activate the application. Remote installation is not possible.

Will the owner of the device know that I am monitoring it?
Never! And that is one of the most beautiful virtues of Catwatchful. Many free cell phone monitoring apps offer amazing features and functions, but fail at the most basic thing: being stealthy. And where other apps lack, Catwatchful is pretty strong. The app stays in a kind of constant background, but completely hidden, no notifications, no weird noises, no fast battery drain, no one will know that Catwatchful is installed!
Does Catwatchful operate remotely?

This will depend on the subscription you choose and the target device. However, generally speaking, for any device you need physical access for at least a few minutes. After installing the monitoring app on the target cell phone, you will never have to have physical access to it again, after installation you can use the app remotely for all the functions you require. In addition, the app does not have to be reinstalled after the phone is turned off or downloaded, and it is always kept in hidden mode so as not to be detected.

How often is updated the data of target device?

Depending on the device, the subscription version chosen and the configuration of the app at the time of installation, you will be able to see the information in real time. For many device, the update time may vary from 5 to 30 minutes to reflect the information in the control panel, depending on the options chosen at the time of installation. To obtain a more accurate estimate, you can consult our online service agents.

Does Catwatchful work in my country?

Catwatchful works worldwide.

Does Catwatchful allow you to view deleted messages?

The short answer is yes. After you have installed Catwatchful , you can use the keylogger function, and with it you can see the deleted outgoing messages sent from any application, be it SMS or any instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram , Snapchat, etc Although the keylogger works, it can be a bit tricky to decipher the messages. However, you can see the deleted messages easily if you root the Android phone with mAssistance. This is how monitoring a cell phone becomes super easy and fast, thanks to Catwatchful.

Target device need internet connection?

In order for CatWatchful to be able to update the information of the intervened device, it must have an Internet connection.
If when new information is generated, the device is not connected, the information is temporarily stored on the device and then sent all together, as soon as the connection is restored.
When the installation is done, it is essential that the mobile is connected to the Internet. The same goes for using the real-time features.

What is the Catwatchful Android client?

You will be able to access all the features of Catwatchful directly on your phone and control the devices easily and directly. View all the information collected by CatWatchful directly on your cell phone.

From your phone access images, videos, audios, messages, GPS locations, Whatsapp, etc. of the intervened devices, at all times. Take photos remotely, listen to the environment and control your children efficiently with the Client app for Android.

Is Catwatchful detectable?

No. Unlike other phone tracking apps, there’s no Catwatchful app on the target device that an average user can see. That means they won’t stumble across an unfamiliar app logo on their device and wonder if someone’s monitoring them.

How do I choose the most effective app for mobile monitoring?

Since we are talking about a booming market, there are really many alternatives when you are looking for a mobile monitoring app. However, there is a set of factors that can help you identify the best option.

Among the most important things to consider when buying a monitoring software subscription is privacy, as you probably don’t want the person you’re monitoring to find out. In that sense, the hidden mode of the app must be inescapable. In addition, you will care about an efficient app with a wide range of functions that suits your needs.

Target device need to be rooted?

No, it is not necessary. You can use ALL the features of Catwatchful without rooting the device.

How many devices can I monitor?

You can monitor as many devices as you want. You can use your account to link as many devices as you want.

How get technical assistance and support?

Any questions or concerns you have about CatWatchful, you can contact us directly and we will immediately attend to you and help you clarify your doubts.

You can contact us by phone, email or contact form. CatWatchful provides personalized attention 24/7.

Real-time features require an Internet connection?

YES, to use any real-time feature, it is necessary that the device has an Internet connection and that it is of good quality. Otherwise, you will not be able to use these features.

Is there a data upload limit collected by CatWatchful?

No, there is no data upload limit and you can enjoy unlimited storage in your Control Panel.

How long does it take to update the information of the monitored device?

The frequency of updating the information depends on the intensity of use of the device, therefore, the more activity you have, the faster it will be updated. You also have to take into account if the device has an internet connection at the time of updating. This could take a little longer for the data transfer between your device and our servers. If you still don’t receive updates, please contact us.

Is my own phone compatible with Catwatchful?

Any device that has access to the Internet is good for monitoring. Once you install Catwatchful on your kid’s phone, you will be able to see the information from that phone using your own phone or computer as long as it’s connected to the Internet.

Is my kid’s phone compatible?

At the moment Catwatchful only works on Android devices. If your child’s device has Android, you will be able to install without problems.

Can my kid uninstall Catwatchful?

In order to uninstall Catwatchful, one needs to follow the specific instructions that only our customers get after the purchase. Even if there is an attempt to remove the application, you will get notified about it in your Control Panel.

Why choose Catwatchful?

Catwatchful is the best Parental Control solution that allows parents to monitor and manage their children’s online activity on their Android phones or tablets.


Keep an eye on what your kids are doing online and protect them from cyberbullying, internet predators, adult content, suicidal thoughts, drug use, and other dangers that may await them online.


The only Android monitoring app that logs all forms of messaging and intercepts all types of calls, 100% hidden, logs keystrokes and much more. With over 150 features it is the most powerful monitoring software for Android.


Everything you are looking for in a mobile monitoring app is here. When creating Catwatchful, our main goal was to deliver a remote mobile tracking solution that works right out of the box, is easy to use, and delivers the information you need when you need it, all without scratching your head.

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Telma Teacher

Protecting our children is of key importance to all parents. CatWatchful helps me keep an eye on my daughter when I can't be around her. I highly recommend it! The most useful app on the entire Internet. I love all the features and support they provide, I highly recommend it!

Dario Graphic designer

CatWatchful is a good app that helps me fully monitor my children's use of their devices and the Internet. I can also block any suspicious contacts, if that happens. A good choice for modern parents who want to protect their children from the virtual world and its threats.

Nicol Lawyer

I have searched for a good app to keep an eye on my kids when I am not around. And a friend of mine recommended CatWatchful to me. I like it! It helps me take care of my children in the stormy sea of ​​the Internet. Whenever I have doubts, I go to Catwatchful to see in real time what my children are doing.

Diana Influencer

Once I have tried CatWatchful, it has become an invaluable part of my life as a mother. It allows me to be updated with what my children are doing in real time, this way I am sure that they are doing well. I like all the functions that this tool has.

Luis Professor

My son is on his phones 24/7, and sometimes I just need to check that he's not doing anything wrong. CatWatchful allows me to be regularly updated with everything it handles. The support and assistance they give is very good. Every time I have technical doubts they are there to help me.